October 2, 2008

I'm Right Behind You

This morning, I became witness to one of the best series of events in Smackdown’s history and all non-pay-per-view shows WWE has to offer.

Here's the vid.

I know it's all entertainment, the clip of the Undertaker beating down Chavo Guerrero was taped prior to the trio’s entry to the arena, Chavo hid under the ring after the first blackout and Taz’s supposed involvement was a distraction so the audience won’t notice the Undertaker, hiding under the ring, climb up and stand behind Vickie Guerrero after the second blackout. It’s scripted but I was amazed how the sequence of events turned out. I’ve been a fan of wrestling since childhood but never in my life I have seen something so brilliant like what the staff from WWE Smackdown just pulled off.

Clap clap :)

You rest in piece Vickie.


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