April 26, 2008

It's All Part of the Plan

This is no doubt the coolest viral movie campaign I have ever seen. I’m leaving the film’s title for you guys to guess but if the vandalized portraits of US Presidents and the pierced “card” still don’t ring a bell, then click the knife stuck in the wall...

Now you know.

A Little Bit of History

Though it seems just an ordinary day in our calendars, a lot of significant events in history happened in April 24. Here is a brief list.

April 24, 858 - Nicolaas I succeeds Benedict III as pope.
April 24, 1872 - Volcano Vesuvius erupts.
April 24, 1877 - Russia declares war on Turkey through Romania.
April 24, 1898 - Spain declares war on U.S. after rejecting ultimatum to withdraw from Cuba.
April 24, 1953 - Queen Elizabeth II knighted Winston Churchill.
April 24, 1961 - John F. Kennedy accepts "sole responsibility" following Bay of Pigs.
April 24, 1975 - United States performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
April 24, 1996 - Records highest scoring baseball game in 17 years - Twins 24, Tigers 11.

and the most historical of them all…

April 24, 2008 - My first ever domain is up :D

April 22, 2008

From Hollywood Chic to British Comic

After watching Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, I searched for the profile and filmography of Heder’s leading lady in the film, Jenna Fisher. I spent minutes looking for her photos, video clips, and then…


There in front of me is a video of Rowan Atkinson’s classic stand-up comedy act. To my delight, there's an archive tagged with the featured clip that features his performances in front of a live audience. I rejoiced for I love the British comedian's humor and having seen every single episode of Mr. Bean countless times makes me one of his biggest fans.

Fate really is funny. I looked for photos of a beautiful Hollywood chic but I got Rowan’s funny masterpieces.

Here I present to you, Rowan Atkinson’s stand-up skit entitled…

Welcome to Hell!

April 16, 2008

Filler 1

A man died, went to heaven & saw huge clocks behind him.

Man: What are all those clocks?

St. Peter: It's a lie clock, everyone on earth has it. When you lie, the clock's hands move.

Man: Whose clock is that?

St. Peter: Mother Teresa's. The hands never moved because she never told a lie.

Man: How about that one?

St. Peter: That is Lincoln's. The hands only moved twice.

Man: By the way, where is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's clock?

St.Peter: It's in God's office. He's using it as a ceiling fan.

April 15, 2008

Terrorizer of Elementary Students

Boredom really makes you do crazy things

Kilabot ng mga Kolehiyala - the monicker given to local artist, Ariel Rivera due to his large fanbase mostly composed of female college students during the height of his career.

Badabong (the guy on the pic), you are one unlucky gretchin :D

Pimpus Maximus, you dodged this one but it'll be you next time (ev*l grin).

The Push-up Sc*ndal

I caught this guy during our break secretly doing push-ups in fists man, in fists!

To my fellow StickyMedians, guess who :D

Clue: He flaunts pearly-white legs LOLZ

Eat My Blogging Dust!


At long last, I have finally got rid of the ever pesky PSAs.

Days ago, my writing urge was halted by stop words. Ignorant with the restrictions on the choice of words, I crossed the line set to contain profanity in the blogging world. If you're into Adsense, there's no need for me to write what happened to my blog and what PSA stands for.

Drawing all the tricks in my bag, I made all the necessary revisions on my previous post where rampant use of stop words were spotted and voila! PSAs are all gone. See yah!

Everything is back to normal...for now. I know that on the horizon awaits more blogging obstacles but I'm up for it. With two very reliable "teachers" at my side, Website Ko and Dingexx, earning my first George Washington ain't that far away.

Georgie, here I come :D

April 5, 2008

2+4+6 = Ownage

On the first game, we were brought to school…

The second was a humiliation…

The third made us realize how puny we are against them…

It was the final nail to our coffin…

It was too much, an overk*ll…


(scene in wave effect)

3 hours before the match started. Flashback…

“How do these guys fare in DotA?”, I asked my friend.

“They are really not that good. Sometimes they get rattled. They play it safe.”, he replied.

Fast forward. In the middle of our second game…

“You lied to me man!”

We were eradicated, we got our as*es kicked, we got owned big time. The score was 3-0, not a close-fought 3-0 but an in your face, NOOB 3-0 beating.

Our group, I can say, were no pushovers. We were composed of an expert gamer in my boss Jeeds, Kim (he too got mad skillz), a good contender in Dingdans, and I can confidently say that I am 7.5 if I rate myself from 1 to 10. The only drawback we had was Noob, a newbie in this world of team gaming but hearing what my friend said before we started busting it out, I thought it's going to be fun.


The opposition showed us how DotA should be played in the big leagues. It was a display of hero skill synergy, perfect team coordination, and total a*s whoopin’. Imagine five of you getting into battle in the forest for following the other team’s bait, unprepared and unaware that the other four are just there, lurking behind the trees, and then…

Tidehunter uses his Ravage, stunned and damaged, comes Magnataur drawing everyone with his Reverse Polarity, and adding insult to injury, Lich releases his Chain Frost. If by any luckiest luck you’re still breathing, Puck and Enchantress are there to finish you up. 5 of us were wiped out, the opponents nada. 5 of us were shaking our heads in disbelief, the opponents laughing for Lich got another triple k*ll.

That was the story the whole afternoon. We were AIs to them, sitting ducks, walking stashes of gold…we were absolutely nothing. However, to get beat up like that enlightened me these 15 things:

1. DotA is a team game.

2. No matter how good you are individually, it all goes down to team chemistry and coordination.

3. AOE skill combos rock in team plays.

4. Wards, wards, and wards. Buying these expendable item changes the game.

5. Jah’rakal, no doubt, is a hero hunter late game but that fact makes the opposition lockdown their firepower on him.

6. Practice really makes perfect.

7. Nothing is constant. There will always be gamers who are way better than you.

8. “Paper” heroes should stay at the back. At the back I repeat.

9. Roaming heroes are baits and lure you into ganks. DO NOT follow them, if you can’t help it then expect an ambush hiding in the fog.

10. Battles happen in lanes. Wars are engaged in forests.

11. Don’t believe everything your friends say.

12. Getting killed over and over again really s*cks.

13. Paying 55 pesos after getting pummeled in 3 straight games s*cks more.

14. Getting your tail whipped by a girl s*cks the most.


It was indeed a humbling experience. It made us realize that we still have a lot to learn and that we need more practice. Before leaving after the match, I said goodbye to one of our opponents as a sign of respect and to show that we’re cool even after getting blown up by them.

Oh, here’s number 15…

I’m retiring.

April 3, 2008

I'm Powerful, Determined and Tough

As an avid fan of the series, I often visit One Piece HQ for updates, special features, fanarts, and the latest manga, anime, and OVA releases. I'm a registered member of the site and I recommend checking it out if you possess the same fascination I have towards the franchise.

For fun, I took their Character Quiz to test myself and determine which character fits my personality best. It contains 11 questions about various situations and things that interest you the most. Results vary depending on your choices and the selection includes popular characters like the mischievous Buggy the Clown, the adorable Chopper, the cyborg Franky, Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy, the mysterious Mihawk, the beautiful Nami, the very intelligent Nico Robin, loverboy Sanji, red-haired Shanks, the funny Usopp, Arabasta's very own princess Nefertari Vivi, and the swordsman Roronoa Zoro. Here's my result.

Coincidently, my favorite character of the series is none other than the expert of Santōryū (three sword style) himself, Roronoa Zoro. I have so much enthrallment for Zoro's character and how he drives himself to be the greatest swordsman in the world. He's my YM's avatar, my nick every time I play DotA, my Imeem's header, my PC's user account image, and my email accounts' passwor...ops, too much information :D

Curious which One Piece character you represent? Take the test and discover the pirate in you.

I Want To Be A Straw Hat Pirate

I'm a huuuuuggggggeeeee, huge, huge fan of One Piece. As of the moment, I hold dear episodes 1 to 347 of the anime and its complete Original Video Animations (OVA) as part of my collection of fave movies and series. I got hooked because of its wacky animation, yes, I really dig the artwork (I know some who don't). The animation may not be Gundam Seedish or Narutoish when it comes to being neat but what makes it stand out is how it intensifies the anime's action sequences, adding to that is the way illustrators do perspective views. Not convinced?

The most important aspect of the anime and what it really presents to its loyal viewers is the value of treating your nakama (friends in Japanese) more than Gol D. Roger's treasure in the anime. It is where One Piece revolves aside from the crew's search for the ultimate treasure and their respective individual aims and ambitions. The series focuses on teaching the grandness of having friends, keeping them, and protecting them with your life.

I'm still barely a third of the anime because I reviewed it from the first episode even after seeing it on TV (a lot of scenes were cut and lines were translated to our country's national language). I watch 2 to 5 episodes a day, with fingers crossed, I hope I could catch up on the latest releases before a new arc begins.

To all non-believers --- Gomu Gomu No.....BAZOOKA!


Whoa! It's been a long time and finally, I have my first post since making these prehistoric cave writings (it's mine so I can make fun out of it anytime I want :) )

I present to you my new web log. Here you'll get to see my view on things, my opinionated side, my perspectives, and MY LIFE. I'm laying down though a disclaimer that some of the posts here won't have a touch a sanity (just like the one below) or agreed upon by readers for I believe in the freedom of expression and hey, it's mine.

You might stumble on something educational or just downright senseless, you might come back or strangle the person who referred you my site, and you might leave a comment to say how cool my posts are or how ridiculous I am, again, IT'S MINE and all I care is hopefully, to make your brief visit here all worthwhile ;)

anthROCKS is signing on. Have fun.