April 3, 2008

I Want To Be A Straw Hat Pirate

I'm a huuuuuggggggeeeee, huge, huge fan of One Piece. As of the moment, I hold dear episodes 1 to 347 of the anime and its complete Original Video Animations (OVA) as part of my collection of fave movies and series. I got hooked because of its wacky animation, yes, I really dig the artwork (I know some who don't). The animation may not be Gundam Seedish or Narutoish when it comes to being neat but what makes it stand out is how it intensifies the anime's action sequences, adding to that is the way illustrators do perspective views. Not convinced?

The most important aspect of the anime and what it really presents to its loyal viewers is the value of treating your nakama (friends in Japanese) more than Gol D. Roger's treasure in the anime. It is where One Piece revolves aside from the crew's search for the ultimate treasure and their respective individual aims and ambitions. The series focuses on teaching the grandness of having friends, keeping them, and protecting them with your life.

I'm still barely a third of the anime because I reviewed it from the first episode even after seeing it on TV (a lot of scenes were cut and lines were translated to our country's national language). I watch 2 to 5 episodes a day, with fingers crossed, I hope I could catch up on the latest releases before a new arc begins.

To all non-believers --- Gomu Gomu No.....BAZOOKA!