September 26, 2008


Lea, a dear and very special friend of mine, sent me pictures she took after her visit to a bookstore near her office. Though not taken with the most hi-tech digital camera around or as magnificent as photos shot by professional photographers, these pictures are priceless because of the thought and effort she poured into them.

She knows that I am a zealous fan of the One Piece franchise and one of my dreams is to own the series’ manga – all of them! Sadly though, they are way too expensive to collect so for now, I’ll just imagine the pic is my book rack. Hopefully I can convince her to buy every One Piece manga published for me hahaha...puleaseeeeeeee Ley ;)

As bonus, Lea also took a stolen shot (shops prohibit costumers from taking pictures of their displays) of the Wolf Predator action figure from the movie Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. If you’re wondering why she have gone through all the trouble just to give me a pic, the cult icon is one of my favorite movie characters of all time and my costume on our Cosplay Contest, which was featured here in my sweet :)

You rock Ley! Thank you so much...mwahhh!!!

September 25, 2008

This is for Sarah and John Connor

After three arduous, tormenting and embarrassingly humiliating days without winning a single game against 3-4 insane level AIs on DotA's 6.54b AI+ v1.52 map...


Eat that you blasted AIs!!! I will never allow you artificial beings take over and dominate our world!

Who's your daddy now huh?!

September 22, 2008

"Look at my mole." Hahaha...Classic!!!

My friends and I have this tradition of doing weird stuffs as present whenever one of us celebrates his birthday. Before, we gave out flyers (with picture) around our campus to spread out the news, we climbed a 2-storey building through its posts, beams and trusses just to hang a streamer above our school's entrance gate and I was the recipient of a birthday surprise complete with party hats, a makeshift er bakeshift cake and balloons (those were condoms actually hahaha) at 6 am in the morning.

Now, even the four of us are already professionals and working for different companies, our tradition still lives on. Though not as wacky back then because of time and availability constraints, the effort, the thought and the fun factor will always be there, three very important things that make our birthdays so amusing, special and unforgettable.

Here's what Tambaliyok posted on Vetabz Blue's profile in Friendster, our dear friend who's celebrating his birthday today. Enjoy ;)

Man, those were the days :)

Happy Birthday Phot!!!

September 15, 2008

Fun Time with A.M.

It's been our tradition to gather up at my Tatay Carding's house every Sunday. It's the sole reason why our family is tightly-knitted, which is very important of course and why grandpa is still vibrant like a young stud even at 78 years of age (he loves seeing us, his grandkids and his great grandchildren).

That brings me to Alessandra Monique or A.M., the girl I've been mentioning in my posts. This niece of mine is amazingly witty I tell you, she already learned a ton of words even she was still a few months old. The environment she was in contributed a lot, growing up with a bunch of grown-up folks and zero kids-near-her-age made her into this chatty and intelligent bratinella. The people who have spent time with her can attest how witty this girl is and how fun she is to be with.

This past Sunday, I was with A.M. most of the day and man, it was fun. Here are some excerpts of our conversations:

While going back to our grandpa's house after buying mangoes...

Anth: 'M, asa naman Papa Agot? (my late uncle and A.M.'s grandfather)
A.M.: (pointing at the sky)
Anth: Naa na diay sya sa langit?
A.M.: Oo.
Anth: Kinsa kauban nya didto?
A.M.: Papa Jesus.
Anth: Unsa ila buhat didto?
A.M. : Kanta El Shaddai.

While taking pictures of her...

Anth: 'M, tarunga pagpose.
A.M. : (making various facial expressions)
Anth: Pagpacute beh...o aha man ka padulong?
A.M.: Aysa, maglipshtick sako.

Her mom and my cousin-in-law, Ate Malou, retelling a conversation she had with A.M. after her trip from Surigao.

Ate Malou: 'M, nigamay lagi ako Canadian na coins sa ako purse, imo ni gihilabtan no?
A.M.: Wala Nay uy.
Ate Malou: Ngano nigamay man ni?
A.M.: Imo siguro gipliti padulong Surigao.

A Dose of Stochasticity 2

I have a new set of random things that happened since my recent blog post.
  • I've had the best rest of my life so far last Saturday. I slept almost the whole afternoon and evening after going home from work to the extent that my mom shooed me away from our living room with her patented eardrum-busting, decibel-breaking voice (I love my mom so much but I haaaaate her when she does that).
  • My cousin saw my ex-girlfriend (for almost eight years) somewhere in the city who is now working at UAE for a major company. I was surprised because the news came unexpectedly; she's on vacation I guess.
  • My PC's performance is still low even after an exhaustive tweaking this past weekend.
  • Spent time with my witty and playful 3-year old niece, Alessandra Monique.
  • Had a great Sunday exchanging text messages with a dear friend.
  • I have thoughts of getting even with my ex-gf (recent) and her new boo but I have changed my mind, for one, they are not worth the trouble and two, what goes around, comes around :)
Thanks Mafs for enlightening me, I owe you big time.

September 12, 2008

A Dose of Stochasticity

It's been a long time.

Almost a month has passed since my last update so I made a random list of things that happened during my temporary departure from the world of blogosphere.

  • Got assigned to lead a project.
  • Beaten Dawn of War's Single Player Campaign.
  • Purchased Company of Heroes' stand-alone expansion, Opposing Fronts (weee I am now able to command the German Panzer Elite. I'm so delighted for I've always been a fan of antagonist factions in RTS games such as Command and Conquer's NOD, Dune's Harkonnen, Generals' GLA and the Undead race from Warcraft III).
  • Sported a new image for my blog's header.
  • Spent "quality time" with someone I shouldn't have wasted my time with from the get-go.
  • I have moved on :)
  • Got the pics (at long last) of our July 11 white-water rafting adventure (thanks to ahem… yours truly hehehe).
  • Realized that I have just wasted 23 months of my life.
  • It sure feels great to have people like my family and friends who stayed and supported me no matter what in my saddest times and lowest lows. Thank you very much!