September 22, 2008

"Look at my mole." Hahaha...Classic!!!

My friends and I have this tradition of doing weird stuffs as present whenever one of us celebrates his birthday. Before, we gave out flyers (with picture) around our campus to spread out the news, we climbed a 2-storey building through its posts, beams and trusses just to hang a streamer above our school's entrance gate and I was the recipient of a birthday surprise complete with party hats, a makeshift er bakeshift cake and balloons (those were condoms actually hahaha) at 6 am in the morning.

Now, even the four of us are already professionals and working for different companies, our tradition still lives on. Though not as wacky back then because of time and availability constraints, the effort, the thought and the fun factor will always be there, three very important things that make our birthdays so amusing, special and unforgettable.

Here's what Tambaliyok posted on Vetabz Blue's profile in Friendster, our dear friend who's celebrating his birthday today. Enjoy ;)

Man, those were the days :)

Happy Birthday Phot!!!