September 26, 2008


Lea, a dear and very special friend of mine, sent me pictures she took after her visit to a bookstore near her office. Though not taken with the most hi-tech digital camera around or as magnificent as photos shot by professional photographers, these pictures are priceless because of the thought and effort she poured into them.

She knows that I am a zealous fan of the One Piece franchise and one of my dreams is to own the series’ manga – all of them! Sadly though, they are way too expensive to collect so for now, I’ll just imagine the pic is my book rack. Hopefully I can convince her to buy every One Piece manga published for me hahaha...puleaseeeeeeee Ley ;)

As bonus, Lea also took a stolen shot (shops prohibit costumers from taking pictures of their displays) of the Wolf Predator action figure from the movie Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. If you’re wondering why she have gone through all the trouble just to give me a pic, the cult icon is one of my favorite movie characters of all time and my costume on our Cosplay Contest, which was featured here in my sweet :)

You rock Ley! Thank you so much...mwahhh!!!


amidaLea said...

thanks for the post anth...i can buy you all of those but u're going to give me money...hahaha! :P