September 25, 2008

This is for Sarah and John Connor

After three arduous, tormenting and embarrassingly humiliating days without winning a single game against 3-4 insane level AIs on DotA's 6.54b AI+ v1.52 map...


Eat that you blasted AIs!!! I will never allow you artificial beings take over and dominate our world!

Who's your daddy now huh?!


Gaming Website said...

Lol! I think this is the real main reason of the dispute between man and machine in Terminator and Matrix, Trash talk in games hahah

Joath said...

Good one for you Master!

Haven't tried the new map w/ AI yet. Hmmm. I can't see the character you have used though.

Try beating Bryan on a 1 on 1, I'll bet you could. He's equivalent to 1 AIx10+++++.

Good Luck!

anthROCKS said...

My character was the Rogue Knight Sven with Mask of Madness, Battle Fury and Buriza core build...ouch! ;)